For Businesses Selling on Maker2u UK:

What is Maker2u? 

Maker2u is an online marketplace where small UK producers can set up a store, for free, to sell their boutique products directly to both shoppers and wholesale buyers. 

It is free to create a store on Maker2u.

The marketplace only charges 5% commission (plus credit card fee) on the product and shipping price.

Who Can sell on Maker2u?

If you are a small producer of boutique food, drinks, health & beauty, pet or garden products and your products are made in the UK then you can sell on Maker2u. If you are unsure please contact us info@maker2u.co.uk 

How does Maker2u work?

You set up a store on the marketplace for free. You create a login, then set up your products for sale and your shipping cost parameters. (see our ‘how to create a store’ video here:  https://youtu.be/3CQMC-6t6Fo )

Once you make a sale, you will be sent an email notification. 

You then send out the goods, from your premises with your preferred courier and then you go into your dashboard, select the order and change the status of the order from ‘pending’ to ‘complete’ (we then pay makers each Monday once sales have been ‘completed’) 

Every Monday we pay our makers their sale price (product plus shipping) minus our 5% commission and the credit card fee of 3%).

We put 95% of the sale price minus the credit card fee of 3%) into your Paypal account. (Please make sure you have a Paypal account and have given us your Paypal email address. Please click here to create a Paypal account if you don’t already have one. 


How do I create a store?

Please view our ‘How to create a store’ video here: https://youtu.be/3CQMC-6t6Fo  

To go ahead and create a store on Maker2u please click here: https://maker2u.co.uk/my-account-2/ 

Is having a store on Maker2u effectively the same as running your own website? 

Yes, absolutely except we hope it is cheaper for you to have a store on Maker2u than to run your own website. As it is free to create and maintain. You also get the added benefit of gaining more customers than you would running your own website as you work together as a maker community. You all help each other bring in more customers as they browse all the products on Maker2u. 

How much Does it cost to create a store on Maker2u? 

It is free for UK artisan makers to set up a store on Maker2u Your store and your products are subject to approval by the Maker2u team. 

How much do I earn selling on Maker2u

Maker2u pays you, the store holder, 95% (minus the credit card fee of 3%) of the price paid by a customer. (this includes the shipping and the product price)

We then pay you, the maker, every Monday. So if you have a sale on say, a Wednesday we will pay you on the next Monday.

Who holds the stock?

You hold the stock. Maker2u is simply a platform on which you can set up a store of your own, as you would have your own website except it is free. 

Just with your own website, you hold the stock, you receive the orders and you fulfil the orders directly from your premises. 

Maker2u does not hold any stock and is not a party to the transactions. Maker2u is simply a platform for sellers and buyers to transact on. 

When do I, as a Store Holder, Get Paid?

Maker2u pays the store holders every Monday following a sale which has been ‘completed’ in your store dashboard.

How much does Maker2u charge?

Maker2u charges 5% commission plus 3% credit card fee.

How do I receive my orders from my store on Maker2u?

Your store on Maker2u has a dashboard. In this you will see a list of all of your orders. You will also receive an email confirming your order. 

How do I receive payment for my sales on Maker2u?

When a customer makes a purchase in your store on Maker2u, they will pay for the products they buy and also for the shipping of those products from your business to them (if you charge for shipping). 

The money comes to Maker2u. We then pay it to you less 5% of the sale price and 3% credit card fee.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to ‘Complete’ each order in Maker2u so that we know the sale has been fulfilled.

We will pay the money owed (95% of transaction value) into your bank account each Monday following sale and once you have ‘completed’ your order.

You do not need to ever invoice Maker2u as we are not buying anything from you. The customer is making the purchase from you. We are simply providing the platform for you to make that sale. 

Do I need to invoice Maker2u for sales?

NO. You never need to invoice Maker2u. We are not involved in the purchase of your goods. On Maker2u, you are selling directly to a customer and we only provide the platform for you to find the customer and make that sale. When makers invoice us from time to time this just creates pointless admin for us. 

Which Courier should I be using? 

You can use any courier you wish, so long as they are reliable and the customer always gets their goods on time. 

Do you include/exclude VAT in the price?

All prices on Maker2u include VAT. When you receive your payment for the goods from Maker2u, this includes the VAT you must pay.

Food standards.

As per the terms of selling on Maker2u, you must comply with all UK food safety standards. Maker2u does not offer advice on achieving compliance with UK food safety standards. Please click here if you would like to know more information about the food standards that you must comply with:


If you do not currently comply with all UK food standards, please remove your products from Maker2u and recall any products you have sold immediately. Maker2u does not accept any liability for makers failure to meet UK food standards. 

Please click here to view our terms and conditions:

What sizes should the images be in my store on Maker2u?

Your banner image should be 625 x 300 pixels

Your profile picture needs to be 150 x 150 pixels.

Your product images should be 600 x 600 pixels. 

How should I price my products on Maker2u?

Shoppers expect to get the best possible deal on your product when they are shopping directly with you on Maker2u. So your prices on Maker2u should be the lowest price that it is possible to buy your products anywhere. It is important that makers act as a community and all offer great value to attract and retain shoppers on the marketplace. It is a team effort. 

What are the right types of product bundles to sell on Maker2u?

Maker2u is about giving good value to the buyer taking into account the cost of freight. So you should offer larger bundles or packs on Maker2u than you would typically sell your products in. A discounted box of 6 jars of your products might make sense when you take into account the cost of shipping. Don’t just sell 1 bar of soap. Sell a pack of 6 bars at a good rate. 

What products are appropriate for selling on Maker2u?

Maker2u is for grocery products that you might find in a supermarket but all made in the UK by a small batch artisan producers. Everything on Maker2u should be high quality and made using the best locally sourced ingredients. 

The ‘products’ that you list on Maker2u should be in value bundles or packs of your product that offer real value to the customer. 

What can I do to help Maker2u succeed?

The founders have invested a lot building Maker2u to help small UK businesses succeed.

We really appreciate any help we can get from our makers in achieving the goal of a self funding and sustainable marketplace. If our makers act as a positive team we can transform the experience of many small businesses in the UK.

Here are some things you can do:

  • promote Maker2u on your social media. Do a post about your store, about other stores or products you like or about the marketplace itself. 
  • set your product and shipping prices as low as possible so customers really love shopping on Maker2u and keep coming back
  • Tell your friends, contacts in the media and others about Maker2u
  • Recommend Maker2u to other makers.